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How To Put In 5-Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered how to achieve fuller locks with 5-piece clip-in hair extensions? Whether you’re changing up your daily style or prepping for a special event, there’s an art to getting it just right.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process step by step. After reading this post, you will learn how to achieve the perfect look for your everyday or special occasions.

Choosing the Right Number of Pieces for Your Hair Extensions

Aside from choosing hair extensions that match your hair colour and texture, selecting the right number of pieces for your extensions is also important.  

Just as the name suggests, a 5-piece clip-in hair extension set typically consists of five wefts. These wefts are designed to be easily attached, making the process a simple do-it-yourself process. The wefts come in different varying lengths, and all you have to do is attach them in a way that they are undetectable. 5-piece clip-ins are best suited for people with finer or thinner hair.

steps to put in 5-piece clip-in hair extensions

A Simple DIY Process for Attaching 5-Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions

Putting in 5-piece clip-in hair extensions is an entirely seamless process. Knowing how to properly fix them will ensure a seamless blend and prevent damage to your natural hair.

To put in 5-piece clip-in hair extensions, all you have to do is take the following steps:

1. Brush your hair:

To make sure your hair is tangle-free, use a soft brush to brush through your natural hair.

2. Section your hair:

Start by dividing your hair at the back of your head and secure the remaining hair with clips.

3. Start with the 2-piece clip:

Open the clips, attach them to your hair, and shut them firmly in place. Ensure that they are not too tight so that they do not tug on your hair and cause damage.

4. Create a new section:

Release your hair and create a new section about 2 cm above the previous weft near your ear. Then, use clips to secure the remaining hair.

5. Take the 3-piece clip:

Open all three clips, attach them to your hair, starting with the centre clip, and then secure the outer clips.

6. Create another section:

Now unclip your hair and create another section about 2 cm above the previously attached weft.

7. Take the 5-piece clip:

Open all five clips and start by attaching the middle clip. Secure it and then work your way outward, attaching the remaining four clips.

8. Create another section along the side of your head:

This section is where the single-clip piece goes in. Open the clip, attach it to your hair, and press it in place.

9. Repeat and Adjust on the Opposite Side:

Repeat this process on the other side of your head. Ensure that it is not too close to the hairline for a comfortable fit.

10. Brush and Style for a Seamless Finish:

Now that you are done attaching your 5-piece clip-in extensions brush your hair for a seamless blend and style as desired.

By following this step-by-step process listed above, you will find that fixing in your 5-piece clip-in hair extensions is an easy process. However, if you have any issues clipping in your 5-piece hair extensions, don’t worry: with a little more practice, you’ll become better at putting in these extensions, allowing you to effortlessly achieve the hairstyle you desire.


In conclusion, putting in 5-piece clip-in hair extensions is a simple way to add volume and length to your natural hair. These extensions are designed to be easily attached and provide a seamless blend with your own hair. Although they are well-suited for people with finer or thinner hair, anyone can use them to achieve their desired style.

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