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Can You Dye Black Hair Extensions Red?

Hair extensions offer versatility in creating different styles, including the desire for colour changes. In this article, we will explore if it’s possible to dye your hair extensions for the desired look.

Can You Dye Your Black Hair Extensions?

Yes, it’s possible to dye black hair extensions, but this generally applies to those made from human hair. Synthetic extensions, depending on their quality, may not be dyeable. Always follow the advice from the vendor regarding styling and maintenance.

If not explicitly stated, avoid dyeing synthetic extensions to prevent damage from abrasive chemicals. However, human hair extensions can be dyed in different colours either at home or by a professional hairstylist.

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Can You Dye Your Hair Extensions

How to Dye Your Black Hair Extension Red

If you have a human hair extension or a synthetic hair extension that can be dyed, and you’re looking for how to dye it from black to red, you’re in the right place. I’ll be giving you the step by step of dying your black hair extension to red. If you’re interested in dying your hair extensions to another colour, you can still follow these steps. The only difference would be getting your desired colour of hair dye instead of red.

  1. The first step in doing anything to your hair extensions is making sure that they are clean. Wash and dry your hair extensions.
  2. Brush out tangles if there are any
  3. Get your red hair dye. Make sure it is in excess. It’s better for there to be leftover dye than not having enough dye.
  4. Prepare your dying area. Try to get old newspapers or like an old cloth that you can throw out when you’re done. This is to avoid the dye spilling on top of things or surfaces. Dyes are hard to take out once they cause stains.
  5. Wear hand gloves so you don’t stain your hands with dye.
  6. Take out the dye and mix it. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the pack.
  7. You can either use a brush or your hands to apply the red dye to your black hair extension.
  8. Lay your hair extensions on the already prepared dying area. 
  9. Do a strand test. This means applying the hair dye to just a strand or two at first to see if it will cause any damage.
  10.  Once it’s safe, use your hand or the brush to apply the red hair dye from the tip of the hair extension to the root. 
  11.  Apply it evenly all around the hair extension.
  12.  The time frame to wait for the dye to settle in depends on the product you decide to use. However, the usual wait time is between 30–45 minutes.
  13.  After the wait time, apply the hair conditioner and wait a few minutes before rinsing it with cold or normal-temperature water.
  14.  Gently squeeze out the water with your hands after rinsing. Do not use a towel because you might get dye stains on it. 
  15.  You can use a blow dryer to dry it. You can also let it dry out naturally. 
  16.  After drying, you can style your new red hair extensions in any way that you please.

TIP: After reading these steps, you can watch a YouTube video. It will assist you through the whole process of dying your hair extensions from Black to Red or any other colour in which you please.

Things To Avoid When Dying Your Hair Extensions

Things To Avoid When Dying Your Hair Extensions

Here is a list of things to avoid while dying your hair extensions from black to red:

  1. Try not to rub the hair strands together, so you can avoid tangling.
  2. Always go for mild hair dye; a harsh dye may cause damage to your hair extensions.
  3. Avoid any product with high ammonia.
  4. Do not leave the hair dye any longer than necessary.
  5. On no account should you use hot water on your hair extensions
  6. Try not to use heat styling tools like a hot comb or a straightener immediately after dying your hair extension from black to red.


Once you have a good quality human hair extension, you can dye it. If you have a synthetic hair extension, avoid applying dye on it; if not, you’ll ruin it. The steps in dying your hair extension from black to red are very easy. 

Once you follow the steps in this article, you should have little to no problem dying your hair extension from black to red. If you do not want to do it yourself, you can take it to a professional hairstylist.

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