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Can You Blow Dry Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions, popular for their styling versatility and reusability, require proper maintenance. In this article, we will be discussing the suitability of using a blow dryer on these extensions.

First, let me start by answering the question about if you can blow dry your synthetic hair extensions.

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Can You Blow Dry Synthetic Hair Extensions?

The simple answer is No, you cannot blow dry synthetic hair extensions. The reason is that synthetic hair extensions are made from fibre, which is not a good conductor of heat. 

Using a blow dryer on your synthetic hair extensions can lead to irreversible damage, rendering them unappealing and effectively useless, as they’ll resemble fried hair.

However, some synthetic hair extensions are compatible with hair tools that use heat, such as a blow dryer. These types of synthetic hair extensions are always specifically labelled. If you have a synthetic hair extension and are unsure which category it is, chances are you cannot use a blow-dryer on it. 

What are Synthetic Hair Extensions - Can You Blow Dry Synthetic Hair Extensions?

What are Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Synthetic hair extensions are artificial products created from fibres designed to resemble human hair. They come in various grades; some affordable options are single-use, while others, though slightly more expensive, can be reused with proper care. 

Available in a wide array of styles and colours, they may not be the highest quality hair extensions, but they certainly offer the most affordable choices.

Alternatives To Using A Blow Dryer On Your Synthetic Hair Extensions

There are some alternatives to using a blow-dryer on your hair extensions, some of which are:

  1. Air Drying: This is basically using natural air to dry your synthetic hair extension. After washing, you spread it on a clean surface, close to an area where the sun shines and wait for it to dry out naturally. You can also use a wig stand if you have one as opposed to laying it out on a clean surface. This can take a couple of hours, depending on how voluminous it is. It does not use any form of heat, which makes it very safe. There is no chance of your synthetic hair extension getting damaged while using this method of drying.
  2. Towel Drying: You can also use this method to dry your synthetic hair extension. It involves putting your wet hair extensions in the middle of a towel and gently squeezing out the moisture till it’s dry. However, this method would not completely dry your hair extensions. All it will do is completely take out the moisture. You’ll still have to leave it out to dry completely. The advantage of using a towel to dry your synthetic hair extensions first is that it saves you a couple of minutes or hours while air drying. The towel has already soaked up all the moisture; all that is left is for it to dry out completely. 
Tips For Maintaining Synthetic Hair Extensions

Tips For Maintaining Synthetic Hair Extensions

Here are some tips that you can use to maintain your synthetic hair extensions:

  1. Always use products that are specifically made for synthetic hair extensions. If you cannot get this, make sure to get mild products as a safe alternative.
  2. Use a comb with a large tooth to gently comb out tangles after washing.
  3. You can use either lukewarm water or cold water to wash your synthetic hair extensions. Do not use hot water.
  4. After washing, gently squeeze out the water from your hair extension.
  5. Use a towel to dry it first before leaving it out to dry.
  6. Once it is dry, comb it out. You can check if your hair extension has excesses at the tip. If it does, you should trim it so the tip can look equal.
  7. Use a light hair spray to make it shine.
  8. If you have a wig stand or a wig hanger, you can store it there. Make sure it is not in a place close to direct sunlight.
  9. If you do not have any of these, get a neat plastic bag and safely put your clean synthetic hair extensions. Store in a cool and dry place.


In conclusion, avoid using a blow dryer on synthetic hair extensions unless explicitly permitted by product specifications, as it may cause irreparable damage. 

Instead, you should use a towel and air drying, as these methods are safe and ideal for preserving synthetic extensions. 

However, if blow-drying is essential to your routine, consider investing in human hair extensions. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, these can withstand blow dryer heat, offering both durability and flexibility.

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