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What Are The Thickest Clip-In Hair Extensions?

The popularity of clip-in hair extensions has rapidly increased due to their versatility, quickly making them a popular choice among other hair extensions. However, beyond their versatility, convenience, and ease of use, these extensions are the best temporary solution to switch up your look instantly.

Among the different types available, thick clip-in hair extensions offer a great solution for those on the lookout for maximum volume and length. These hair extensions not only offer a convenient and effortless method to change your hairstyle, but they also enhance the fullness and volume of your own hair.

With various piece sets and hair types to choose from, including human and synthetic options, you can find the perfect thick clip-in hair extensions to suit your preferences and budget.

Thick clip-in hair extensions

Thick clip-in hair extensions

As a fast and convenient method to boost hair volume and length, a thick clip-in hair extension is definitely a game-changer. In fact, the thicker the clip-in hair extension, the more volume it adds to your natural hair. 

When you attach clip-in hair extensions with a higher hair density sewn onto each weft, you are guaranteed of a full, beautiful appearance that increases the volume of your natural hair. And the best part is that these wefts, when attached properly, can be hidden and allow for a seamless blend with your natural hair.

You have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to thick clip-in extensions, including both human and synthetic hair, allowing you to choose the one that fits your budget perfectly. There is also a wide variety of textures that can match any hair type, alongside an extensive selection of colours and lengths. This means that there is a thick clip-in hair extension for everyone!

Who should use the thickest clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are a practical choice if you’re looking to change your appearance without committing to a permanent solution. You can effortlessly clip them in and out in the comfort of your own home without any expert help. 

Thick clip-in hair extensions are versatile, making them perfect for special events or anyone who wants to change their look. With their ease of use, they are an ideal choice for everyone.

However, for those with fine and thin hair, thick clip-in hair extensions are a perfect option as they offer the best coverage and create the appearance of voluminous hair while blending seamlessly with your hair for a stunning and natural look.

People with hair conditions causing thinning can use thick clip-in hair extensions to cover sparse areas and create a seamless blend for fuller-looking hair.

Thick clip-in hair extensions are also great for experimenting with different hairstyles. They provide enough volume and length for you to get creative and style your hair as desired.

What are the thickest clip-in hair extensions (2)

What are the thickest clip-in hair extensions?

Contrary to popular belief, the thickest hair extensions are not heavy when worn. Although they weigh more than standard extensions, they are also lightweight and can be worn for long durations without feeling discomfort.

The thickness of a clip-in extension is measured in grams, and there are different grams available. Note that the weight varies based on how much hair is attached to each weft rather than the thickness of each strand.

Some of the thickest clip-in hair extensions include:  

  • 220 grams: These extensions are best suited for you if you already have medium to thick hair but desire length for a stunning appearance.
  • 240 grams: These extensions are even thicker and offer a significant increase in volume and length. They are ideal for those with medium to thick hair who want a dramatic and glamorous look.
  • 260 grams: These extensions provide an ample amount of volume and length and are well-suited for individuals with thick hair or those who desire a truly stunning hairstyle.
  • 280 grams: These extensions are exceptionally thick and provide a voluminous and glamorous look. They are suitable for individuals with thick hair who want to achieve a lush hairstyle.

It is worth noting that the thickness set for each brand and product will vary. And that if you have thinner or finer hair, even lower gram weights can still do the trick and provide a noticeable increase in volume. 

Therefore, it is important that you consider your hair type and desired look when selecting the thickness of your clip-in hair extensions.


In conclusion, the thickest clip-in extensions are a great way to provide those with thin and fine hair the opportunity to achieve a fuller look. Making the right choice will allow you to enjoy a fuller, stunning hairstyle that boosts your confidence and enhances your overall appearance.

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