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How Long Can You Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions?

If you’ve been looking for an instant and temporary solution for hair volume and length, then clip-in hair extensions are a perfect choice. Today, these extensions are a favourite choice of many, thanks to their convenience, versatility, and affordability. 

With clip-in hair extensions, you have a variety of options when it comes to colours, textures, and lengths. This makes it easy for you to give yourself a whole new look for any occasion or play around with various hairstyles.

A commonly asked question is how long you can wear your clip-in hair extensions, and the answer is just one day. Since clip-ins are the fastest and easiest way to switch up your look, you must take them off daily before you go to bed.

Why should you remove clip-in hair extensions daily

Why should you remove clip-in hair extensions daily?

As a non-permanent solution, these clip-in hair extensions come with wefts that are attached to clips that make them easy to attach and detach.

When installed properly, you can wear them all day long without any discomfort to your natural hair. However, it is best that you take them out of your hair when you want to sleep for the following reasons:

  1. To prevent strain on your natural tresses: It is normal to turn and toss during sleep, but these movements can cause the clips to pull on your strands. And this will result in breakage or even damage to your hair.

Taking off your clip-in hair extensions before going to bed is important to protect your natural hair by allowing it to rest and avoid unnecessary stress.

  1. To prevent tangling: Wearing your clip-in hair extensions to sleep will make them tangle up. Tangles, in turn, result in knotting, which can make the hair difficult to use over time. To avoid this, simply take them off at night, and you can wear them again in the morning in just a matter of minutes.
  1. Increase the lifespan: By wearing your clip-in hair extensions to sleep, you reduce longevity, as the clip-in wefts could easily get damaged. When you take them off to sleep, brush them and store them properly to prolong their lifespan.

It is important to remove your clip-in hair extensions on a daily basis to protect your natural hair. But that’s not the only reason – taking it off before going to sleep is a great way to make your clip-in extensions last longer.

However, if you’re looking for a semi-permanent hair solution that doesn’t require taking off every night, tape-in or sew-in hair extensions are great options to consider.

How long do clip-in hair extensions last

How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

Now that you understand the importance of removing clip-in hair extensions daily, let’s discuss the overall lifespan of these extensions.

The durability of your clip-in extensions majorly depends on the following factors:

  • Type of hair: Hair extensions come in 2 types- human and synthetic hair. Human hair extensions can last for as long as 4-7 months with proper care and mild usage, while synthetic hair extensions have a shorter lifespan. Note that this time duration can vary depending on usage and maintenance.
  • Usage: Typically, the less you wear your extensions, the longer they’ll last. Frequent wearing can reduce the lifespan of your extensions, so it is recommended that you don’t wear them excessively, especially when there are instances that you can do without them.
  • Maintenance: Proper maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of your clip-in extensions. Here are some maintenance hacks:
  1. Ensure that you wash your extensions with alcohol and sulfate-free products.
  2. When you wash your extensions, wait for them to air dry before you brush them. Brushing wet extensions will result in shedding and thinning.
  3. Always air-dry your extensions to preserve their quality
  4. Always detach them from your hair before going to sleep to prevent tangling, strain and damage to your natural hair.
  5. Store your clip-in extensions properly.

By investing in high-quality hair and implementing the following maintenance tips, you can make your clip-in hair extensions last longer.


In conclusion, clip-in hair extensions should be worn for just a day to keep them from damaging your natural hair. Also, by investing in high-quality hair and taking adequate care of your extensions, you can make them last longer.

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