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How To Use Straight Hair Extensions On Curly Hair

Hair extensions are attached to your own hair to create a fuller look or a completely different hairstyle, depending on what you want. There are extensions that match your natural hair almost perfectly, so most of you choose to remain with such kinds of hair extensions. If you have wavy hair, you use wavy hair extensions. 

Sometimes, people with naturally curly hair might want to get straight hair extensions and might be wondering if it’s possible.

Well, you’re in luck! In this article, I’ll answer some of your questions regarding using straight hair extensions. I’ll also give you step-by-step instructions on how to use straight hair extensions on curly hair.

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Can You Use Straight Hair Extensions On Curly Hair

Can You Use Straight Hair Extensions On Curly Hair?

Yes, you can use straight hair extensions even if you have naturally curly hair. The good news is you can use any hair extension on your natural hair. However, some are more suitable for some natural hair types than others. 

Hair extensions are available as tape-in, clip-in, sew-in, or microlinks. Depending on how you want your straight hair extensions, you might need to get your natural hair straightened, blown out, or both if you want to get a tape-in or micro link installed. 

You can still get straight hair extensions if you strongly dislike using heat on your natural hair and do not want it to be straightened or blown out. All you have to do is choose a style like a sew-in that doesn’t call for straightening your hair. Depending on the style you want, your natural hair is first braided into cornrows before the hair extensions are sewn in. 

Steps You Need To Install Straight Hair Extensions On Curly Hair

I’ll be giving you a breakdown on how to install straight hair extensions if you have naturally curly hair. 

1. Wash Your Hair

Regardless of anything you want to do with your natural hair, you should always wash it first. Use shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your natural hair type. I’ll recommend using products that are not harsh as they are generally better. Unless, of course, your natural hair type requires such products. If you want to know what brands are best suited for your natural hair type, you should consult a professional hairstylist. 

2. Dry Your Hair

You should dry your hair after washing it according to your personal preference. If you do not mind using a blow-dryer, you can use that to dry your hair as it is faster. It is also very safe. I personally recommend using a blow dryer because it detangles your hair and gives it a full blowout. 

This will make installing straight hair extensions a bit easier. If you are worried about heat damage, there are heat protectants that you can use on your natural hair to protect it from such damage. You can also let your hair air dry, i.e. dry out naturally. 

This might take time, depending on the weather and the volume of your hair. It is one of the healthiest methods of drying your hair.

3. Straighten Out Your Natural Hair

One of the ways to get the best results when using straight hair extensions on curly hair is to straighten out your natural hair with a hair straightener. Apply a heat protectant before using hot hair tools on your natural hair to prevent heat damage. Section your hair into small sections and use the hair straightener from root to tip. This can take roughly 30 minutes or less, depending on the volume and thickness of your hair.

4. Install The Straught Hair Extension On Your Curly Hair

There are different types of hair extensions you can get, and each of them has its own installation procedures. If you have the types that you can directly attach to your hair, like the tape-in, clip in or micro-links, you can start by sectioning your hair into smaller parts. Then you attach your straight hair extension bit by bit.  Always avoid attaching tapes or clips, or rings directly at the root of your natural hair. Try to leave at least an inch from your root before doing the attachment. If you have a sew-in, you should braid your hair into cornrows and use a sewing needle and thread to attach it to your natural hair.

5. Use A Hair Straightener And Hotcomb For Styling

Get a hair straightener and a hot comb once the hair extensions are attached to your natural hair. Use a hair straightener to make your hair straight and flat iron to make your closure or frontal look sleek and flawless. Use the flat iron or hair straightener completely if you don’t have a closure or frontal. This step should be completely skipped if you purchase synthetic hair extensions because you cannot use heat on them. 

6. Add Hair Spray For Shine

Once you’re done installing and styling your straight hair extension, add a little hairspray, so your hair can shine and have that professional touch.


In conclusion, you can install straight hair extensions on curly hair. All you need to do is follow the steps in this article. If you do not get it right the first time, it’s totally fine. If you keep practising and watch a couple of videos on YouTube, you’ll be a pro at installing straight hair extensions on your curly hair in no time.

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