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Do Hair Extensions Stop Your Natural Hair Growth?

Hair extensions are pieces of human or synthetic hair strands that are attached to your natural hair in order to achieve your desired look.

You can wear the hair extensions as ready-made wigs or clip, glue, or sew them into your natural hair. They come in a variety of colours and styles, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

In this article, I will be answering some questions you might have about Hair extensions, such as whether your natural hair still grows when you have hair extensions on.

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Do Hair Extensions Stop Your Natural Hair Growth

Do Hair Extensions stop your natural hair from growing?

Hair extensions are generally considered a protective hairstyle, so they do not stop your natural hair from growing. Hair extensions even aid the growth of your natural hair if installed properly and taken care of regularly.

Sometimes your natural hair grows out of your hair extension if it is a lace closure, and you will need to go and have it adjusted at the Salon or do the adjustment yourself if you can do it properly.

How do Hair Extensions affect your hair growth?

Imagine you have a scarf on every day, and your natural hair still continues to grow under the scarf whether you take it off or not. 

That is exactly how hair extensions affect your hair growth. Just because you have hair extensions does not mean your natural hair will stop growing. Sometimes your natural hair grows out of your hair extensions if you have it in for a long time.

Hair extensions protect your natural hair and, if used properly, will not cause any damage to your natural hair. However, it does not add any extra growth advantage to your hair; all it does is not interrupt or stop the way your natural hair will grow if you do not have hair extensions.

Can your hair still grow with Hair Extensions

Can your hair still grow with Hair Extensions?

Yes, your hair can still grow with hair extensions. Hair extensions protect your natural hair and will not stop it from growing as long as it is taken care of properly. You will even notice the growth of your natural hair after a couple of weeks of using hair extensions, as sometimes, the growth of your natural hair comes out of the hair extension, and you will need to fix it if you are not ready to take out your extension.

Pros of Hair Extensions

  • They allow you to achieve whatever kind of look you want
  • They help in protecting your natural hair 
  • Hair extensions do not hinder hair growth
  • They are very easy to style, and they also give you a variety of styling options.
  • If you get good quality hair extensions, they last you a long time
  • You can add heat or colours to the good quality ones without worrying about causing damage to your natural hair with dye or heat.
  • They are relatable easy to use
  • They are easy to find 

Cons of Hair Extensions

  • They can be expensive
  • If they are not taken out properly, they can damage your hairline
  • Some hair extensions might not match your natural hair colour, giving you a need to dye your natural hair. However, this can easily be fixed if you get lace closure or lace frontal.
Are Hair Extensions a Good idea

Are Hair Extensions a Good idea?

Hair extensions are a good way to experiment with various hairstyles to achieve a wide range of looks without risking damage to your natural hair. You might want to change your hair colour, but you do not want hair-dying products to cause harm to your natural hair. You can easily get hair extensions in your desired colour or even buy one in a natural colour and dye it to fit your desired look.

Hair extensions basically let you do whatever you want with your hair, without putting your hair in any form of danger. As long as they are used and taken care of properly, your natural hair and hairline are protected.

Additional Resources on Hair Extensions and Hair Growth

If you need more information about hair extensions or have questions about hair extensions that this article has not covered, you can go to YouTube and get all the answers you are searching for. 

You will also find videos on how to care for your natural hair, routines to keep your hair in perfect condition, and how to grow your natural hair. You can even learn how to install hair extensions by yourself if you do not want to go to the hair salon often.

A quick tip about hair is to know the type of natural hair you have or the class that your natural hair falls into, so you can know how to maintain it properly. As different hair types require different procedures to care for them, especially when trying to purchase products for your hair.

If you do not already know your hair type, consult a hair stylist or a hair expert.


Overall, hair extensions are a good way to protect your hair and achieve various hairstyles in the same breath. I will advise you to invest in quality hair extensions; even though they might be a bit pricey, they are far better than the cheap ones, easier to maintain, and you can be sure to use them over a long period of time.

They do not cause any harm to your natural hair if used and maintained appropriately, and they do not stop your natural hair from growing.

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