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How to air dry clip-in hair extensions

How To Air-Dry Clip-In Hair Extensions

To keep your clip-in hair extensions looking shiny as new and increase their lifespan, maintenance is important. Depending on the kind of hair you get, maintenance techniques will differ; however, the goal is to keep…

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How to clean clip in hair extensions

How To Clean Clip-In Hair Extensions

When it comes to clip-in hair extensions, the importance of maintenance can not be emphasized, especially if you want your extensions to last longer, look shiny and remain as bouncy as when you first got…

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Clip-In Hair Extensions

How To Properly Install Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions offer a quick and easy way to boost your hair’s volume and length without a professional’s help. They’re convenient, come in various styles and shades, and can be attached without glue or…

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How to untangle clip in hair extensions

How To Untangle Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions have quickly become one of the best temporary solutions to add volume and length to your natural hair. But despite its convenience and versatility, it is not immune to tangling. Neglecting your…

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What are the thickest clip-in hair extensions

What Are The Thickest Clip-In Hair Extensions?

The popularity of clip-in hair extensions has rapidly increased due to their versatility, quickly making them a popular choice among other hair extensions. However, beyond their versatility, convenience, and ease of use, these extensions are…

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