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How Many Packs Of Hair Extensions Do I Need For A Full Head?

Hair extensions are something that many people use to achieve a certain look or a specific hairstyle. Hair extensions come in a variety of qualities, types, and styles. To decide on the type of hair extension to purchase, consider the look you want to achieve, how often you want to reuse that same hair extension, and how much money you are willing to spend.

Among all the different things you need to know about hair extensions, I’ll be discussing how many packs of hair extensions you need for a full head.

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Different types of hair extensions

Different Types Of Hair Extensions

There are different types of hair extensions, but the most popular categories of hair extensions are human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

Human hair extensions are made from 100% human hair donated by donors. The quantity of hair used to create extensions varies according to the type of extension and the desired look.

The best quality human hair extensions are the ones with the cuticles still intact, an example being ‘Remy Hair’. It is considered the best quality because the hair extension is kept in its natural state. 

They respond well to heat, so depending on the type, they can be straightened and styled with a curling iron, allowing you to style one hair in a variety of ways to achieve different looks.

Since they are of great quality, they are very durable and can last you a couple of years.

Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, are produced from various synthetic fibres. These fibres are frequently designed to be a replica or at least look like real human hair, but they are not always of the same quality or texture.

For those looking for a less expensive alternative to real human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions can be a great option.

One of the advantages of synthetic hair extensions is their low cost. It is a good option for people on a tight budget who want to achieve a specific look with hair extensions.

How Much Hair Is In A Pack Of Hair Extensions?

There are three popular hair extension packs; the pack of 20, the pack of 40 and the pack of 60.

In order to decide on which pack of hair extensions to get, you will have to consider what exactly you need it to do.

How many packs of hair extension do you need for a full head

How Many Packs Of Hair Extensions Do You Need For A Full Head?

The 20-piece pack is the cheapest pack available, and you might be wondering if it is enough for a full head. The short answer is NO. This pack cannot suffice for a full head. It is appropriate for those who already have extensions and want to add volume or replace a few pieces. The 20-pack contains just 20 strands, and tape extensions are installed by using two strands at the root over different sections of your hair. In reality, those 20 strands are really just 10, which is definitely not sufficient for a full head.

The 40-piece pack, on the other hand, is enough for a full head. This pack is ideal for ladies with fine hair and is sufficient for thin to normal hair types. A 40-piece pack of tape hair extensions is considered a standard amount, as many people use between 30-40 pieces.

The 60-piece pack is also enough for a full head, especially for those who have very full natural hair and want to achieve a look with a lot of volume. This pack is ideal for those with medium/thick natural hair or a coarse hair type. This will obviously result in 30 actual hairpieces when it’s installed, which will be difficult to hold if your hair is not extremely thick. 

What Is The Average Cost Of Hair Extensions?

The average cost of hair extensions is still dependent on the quality. They cost anywhere from £50 to £1000 or even more depending on the quality and where you buy it from.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Hair extensions last, depending on the type of hair extensions you have on. The easiest way to know when your hair extensions need a touch-up, replacement or complete removal is when you can see your natural hair coming out of the extensions. Generally, the sew-in extensions last between 6 and 8 weeks before it needs to be replaced or removed, and the micro-link extensions can last a couple of months.

How to take care of hair extensions

How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions

One thing to note is that different kinds of hair extensions require different types of maintenance. In order for you to know the steps and the products to use to properly maintain your hair extensions, you should consult a hair expert or your stylist. You can also consult where you made the purchase; there is a very high chance that they sell a maintenance kit for that type of extension or can at least give you a care routine.

Tips On Choosing The Right Hair Extension

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right hair extension:

  • Consider the type of natural hair you have; for example, if you have hair with lots of volume or thick hair, you should be leaning towards the 60-pack hair extension
  • Think about how much time you want to spend on maintenance 
  • Always get the best quality your budget can buy 
  • The style or look you want to achieve is important in choosing the type of hair extension to buy


There are different packs of hair extensions, and the style you are trying to achieve and the volume of your natural hair are the two most important factors in deciding which pack of hair extensions to buy for a full head. If you just need a touch-up or need to add volume to your already installed hair extension, the 20-pack will be sufficient. However, if you want a full head, the least pack you should purchase is the 40 pack.

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